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5 Reasons to Take YTT (Even If You Don’t Want to Teach)

There’s good reason why so many people describe YTT as a life-changing experience. In fact, there are so many yummy reasons to take YTT that DON’T involve actually teaching yoga, that I want to dedicate this entire email to sharing them with you. Keep scrolling for more…

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Yummy Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. It involves a variety of physical postures (called asanas), breathing techniques (called pranayama), and meditation practices that aim to improve flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

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Get started with three months of unlimited yoga!

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    Includes all regular yoga classes, meditation sessions, aerial yoga & the seasonal SUP yoga.
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    Unlimited access during the three months!
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    10% member discount in the café.

Your pass is valid for three months from the day of purchase and grants you access to an unlimited number of classes during this period. Claiming the offer, you confirm to have read the terms & conditions.

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