What is Aerial Yoga?

Learn what aerial yoga is all about, its many benefits and how to get started!

Fit woman in sportswear smiling while hanging from a hammock while practicing aerial yoga in a studio
By Ida Moldrup

Ascend into the air
Picture yourself cocooned in a hammock, gently swaying in the breeze. Aerial yoga provides the perfect opportunity to hang out in style. You can both unwind, meditate, or simply enjoy the sensation of floating mid-air – or aim for a more physical class, making especially your core and upper body work wonders.

It’s relaxation and movement taken to new heights! 

Aerial yoga as an activity and a class is a unique and exhilarating form of yoga that combines traditional yoga poses with elements of acrobatics and dance, all performed using in the silky swings. This innovative practice allows participants to explore yoga in a completely new way, defying gravity and adding an exciting dimension to their practice.

In other words, you can consider aerial yoga an invitation for you to gracefully ascend into the air, where you’ll experience a sensation that’s part meditative, part Cirque du Soleil and part Spider-Man. It can be a meditation, a workout, a performance, or at times even a quite hilarious game of “how do I untangle myself from this beautifully confounding fabric”, all rolled into one. But beyond the laughter and playful winks, there’s a deeper magic at work. Aerial silks are like therapy for gravity’s relentless grip, and as you twist and twirl, you’ll discover muscles you didn’t know existed. It’s a fun, graceful, and empowering journey into the realm of weightlessness. 

By the end of the aerial classes, you’ll leave the silks feeling somewhat like a superhero. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of flying without leaving the ground, aerial silks might just be your ticket to Neverland. 🧚‍♂️✨

Female instructor and students hanging from hammocks during an aerial yoga class in a studio

Who can join aerial yoga classes?
Yoga entusiasts, beginners, fitness lovers, adventure seekers, creatives, curious souls. The aerial yoga classes offers a judgment-free zone where everyone is encouraged to explore their limits, find balance, and enjoy the journey. Whether you come for the physical benefits, stress relief, or the sheer joy of flying, you’re warmly welcomed! 

At yum, we strive to make the aerial yoga classes accessible to everyone regardless of experience. Don’t stay away thinking you might not know how to do this! We will take your hand and give you a wonderful start to your aerial yoga adventures.

Getting started

So, why not spread your wings and give it a try? Whether you’re flipping upside down, swinging with friends, or simply hanging out in your hammock, aerial yoga promises a delightful and playful adventure that will leave you feeling like you’re soaring with joy. Embrace the fun, and let your yoga practice take flight!

We offer aerial yoga classes in our weekly schedule and you can be accessed with a drop-in pass, clipcard or membership. Click here to explore your options!

  • Beginners: If you’re a newbie to the aerial silks, we advice you to try yum’s aerial basics classes first. In these classes, we welcome beginners and newbies to the hammock and you can feel safe knowing that you’ll be taken good care. You will get the opportunity to test your skills in a smooth flow, paced in accordance to the requirements and needs of the group. You can also attend these classes as a more seasoned practitioner as options for advancement will be given, however, you should prepare yourself for a class focusing on the needs of the newer aerial students
  • All levels: Another great starting point is yum’s aerial retreat classes. These are so nourishing that half could do! Imagine yourself cocooned above the ground, resting and flowing in a meditative state… Ugh, we simply love these classes. They are for all-levels and gives you a time to go slow, go deep and restore. You should not expect acrobatic stunts or high pace. Rather, you should get ready for a time to fully replenish and pamper that most-likely busy body and mind of yours.
  • Advanced: If your level is more advanced and/or you’re feeling brave and bold, it’s time to defy gravity with the aerial advanced classes. These classes will offer more challenges, more upside-down experiences, more twists ad turns and at times a higher pace. A basic understanding of how to move around the aerial hammock is needed for you to attend this class. Expect a workout that can put both your core, your upper body and your coordination skills to the test!

We offer all of these aerial yoga classes in our weekly schedule and they can be accessed with a drop-in pass, clipcard or membership. Click here to explore your options!


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