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In ancient philosophy, all four elements (earth, air, water and fire) were desired by people to lead a balanced life. At yum, we’re all about balance and sustaining your body & soul holistically, supplementing your body with some yummy movement and food without being harsh on ourselves. We’re all about love, kindness and compassion to the planet, each other and ourselves. That’s why we structure our yoga classes around these four elements – to awaken the balance inside all of us.

Besides the 4 elements, we offer meditation, yoga for beginners, aerial yoga and SUP board yoga (between May and September, when it’s a little bit warmer).

Scroll down to read the detaileed description of each class!


yum on earth

grounding (60-75 min.)

  • Available through all memberships.
  • Suitable for all levels of experience.

Taking inspiration from yin, restorative and meditation, this class is slow-paced and embraces a mix of gentle movements.

Sometimes it’s enough to just take it slow. Get away from the stresses of everyday life and give yourself a breather through this grounding practice. Enter the shala and let it become your peaceful sanctuary full of love and appreciation for the mind and body. In this class, we slow down, ground ourselves, breathe and release. Join us for yum on earth if you’re looking for a mindful reset or to give your muscles a break from other strenuous activity.

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yum in the sky

slow-flow (60-75 min.)

  • Available through all memberships.
  • Suitable for intermediate and more experienced yogis.

Embracing movement from hatha and vinyasa, this class will get your body groovin’ and flowin’. yum’s sky classes embrace the power of yoga in a playful and holistic way and pushes you to use your body to free the mind. Expect to work up a sweat through a somewhat slow-paced flow, and as your body flows through the movements, you’ll bee activating your breath for a mindful sequence. Join us for yum in the sky if you fancy a fun & gradual flow.

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yum at sea

se(a)quence (60-75 min.)

  • Available through all memberships.
  • Suitable for all levels of experience

Water for sure is the defining element of yum. Channeling the force & energy of our surroundings, we designed a set se(a)quence to help you find your feet and create a solid foundation for your practice. By making the se(a)quence the same every time, we want you to find the confidence on the mat and embrace the familiarity of the movements to feel strong in your yoga practice. While the ethos of this class might not be as close to the traditional understanding of the water element as others, we are too inspired by all the water around us not to include it. So… se(a)quence it is. 😉

With extra emphasis on alignment, the practice is designed to build strength and flexibility.

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yum on fire

powerful (60-75 min.)

  • Available through all memberships.
  • Suitable for intermediate and more experienced yogis who are up for a challenge.

Turn up the heat and feel the strength – let’s get physical! Prepare to get hot and sweaty as we challenge you through this dynamic practice and harness the fire within to push your boundaries. This class is perfect for those who wish to take their yoga practice to the next level and want to try their strength in some more physically challenging poses, like head– and handstands.

Inspired by vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga and jivamukti yoga, this class will definitely light up your inner fire.

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yum basic elements

align yourself (60 min.)

  • Available through all memberships.
  • Suitable for complete beginners, and those a bit more seasoned, looking to improve their alignment.

Downward facing dog? Warrior three? Chaturanga dandasana? What are those?! ⁠⁠In the yum basic elements class, we’ll go through the fundamental poses (asanas) and basic alignments. You can consider it a nice introduction to what yoga is all about and we’ll make sure to get you movin’ in a way that will give you a healthy foundation for your further yogic advancements. Feel secure, stable and knowledgeable about the art of yoga and flourish into the yogi you want to be. Remember, as our favourite quote goes, “it’s not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.”

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yum retreat

everyday paradise (30-90 min.)

  • Available through all memberships
  • Suitable for all levels of experience

In a world that never seems to slow down, finding pockets of peace can feel like stumbling upon hidden treasures. Whether you’re in need of a stress-buster or simply craving some deeply nourishing me-time, come join, and let’s go find that treasure! Through a combination of mindfulness practices, gentle movement, and specialized techniques aimed at promoting nervous system regulation, such as deep breathing exercises, grounding techniques, meditation, yoga nidra, and sound healing, we endeavor to guide you towards a state of profound balance and harmony. Consider it a weekly mini retreat in the midst of your everyday schedule – an actual, modern treasure.

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yum aerial yoga

flyin' high (60 min.)

  • Available through unlimited memberships, clip cards and drop-ins.
  • Suitable for all levels of experience.
  • ❗ Please do not wear any jewellery or clothing with zippers to aerial yoga classes as they may damage the hammocks.

Take that air element even further and learn to fly with us on an aerial yoga hammock! We don’t care if you are a beginner or a pro. This will be fun! Use your upper body strength as you use your arms to get into all sorts of poses in the fabric and work with the hammock for some deep stretches. Challenge your fear and try some inversions, supported by the hammock and your teacher. Don’t worry – it’s not all about acrobatics. Getting into the fabric and closing yourself in like a cocoon allows for some of the deepest feelings of relaxation.

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yum SUP yoga

on the water (90 min.)

  • When in season (May – September), available through unlimited memberships, clip cards and drop-ins.
  • Suitable for all levels of experience. Wear regular yoga clothes with a swimsuit underneath, bring a water bottle, a towel and don’t forget to put on sunscreen! Classes are cancelled if the water, wind and rain conditions make it unsafe.

Harness the water element quite literally, as you work through a yummy yoga flow while balancing on a SUP board. Connect with the teachers and your fellow yogis from the beginning, as you set up the boards and star platform together in preparation for the class. You can expect the class itself to be a flow between familiar yoga poses, with the added aspect of keeping your balance on the water. Don’t worry – the likelihood you fall in is very small, the boards are super stable!

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