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Studio code of conduct

All the stuff you should know when getting started with your yoga boogie at yum!

first things first!

Welcome to yum. Here, yoga and community is our jam. Let’s keep the practice mindful and groovy and remember that "Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.’ Let's bend reality together, grow, nurture and make magic happen. We're as diverse as the colors of a chameleon, and you are invited to the party! Whether your body and mind are currently flexible like a boiled spaghetti, al dente, or stiff like one that never made it to the water, get started and take one day at a time to feel the yum!

booking & cancellation

Booking a class can be done up to the very last second. You need to cancel a booked class a minimum of 4 hours before the class starts, to avoid a No Show or Late Cancel fee. For members this is a 50DKK. For clipcard holders, the clip will be marked as used. Booking and cancellation of classes can be done on or via the MINDBODY app. The Late Cancel fee and No Show fee are there to provide the best possible experience to the yogis and avoid that students who are signed up, but don’t show up or cancel in time, occupy free spots that others would have liked to get.

your ETA

Your ETA (Estimated Arrival Time) to the classes is the secret sauce to the yoga bliss of you and others! Please arrive 10 minutes before class start, giving you ample time to unleash your inner yogi without the rush. The doors will close, so please make it in time. This way, you can get settled without stress and take part in providing a calm space for your fellow yogis. Coming early is yummy in every sense - and a true sign that you are becoming a ninja yogi.

finding your way

Located on Alliancevej 22, 2450 Copenhagen SV, you'll find yoga on the left and café on the right. Please enter the yoga studio from the outside door on the way left. You can leave your personal belongings in the studio (closest to the entrance). Always take your shoes off immediately - the yoga room is a shoe free zone! If you need to change clothing, please use the the bathroom placed in the café (we only have one, so plan accordingly as theremight be a little wait time. We don’t have showers available, but you are more than welcome to jump in the sea, if you’re feeling like a yummy yogi going viking.

attire & equipment

Dress comfortably and stretchy. For restorative classes, bring a sweater and socks to stay cozy. In dynamic classes, go for tight-fitting gear to avoid distractions and help the instructor guide you better. It's all about your comfort and focus on the mat. Keep it simple, keep it comfy!

For aerial yoga classes, wear tight clothes. You cannot wear jewelery and have clothes with zippers as it might damage the beutiful, silky hammocks. We kindly ask you to wear long tights (not shorts) to give you the best foundation for good movement, and to secure the hygiene of the hammocks. Please have clean feet and clothes to avoid making the hammocks dirty.

You’re welcome to bring your own mat and equipment, but we have organic, sustainable cork mats, blocks, straps, pillows and blankets that you are welcome to borrow for free. To protect your personal space and preference, you can add a stone (available in the studio) to the top right corner of the mat to let the teacher know that you’re okay with him/her approaching you for individual adjustments. If you place the stone in the top left corner, you’ll be signalling to the teacher that you’d like to keep your personal space intact for the class.

listen to your body

Inhale the now, exhale the meh. Release the thoughs in your head, and listen to your body instead. That's the ultimate practice! Feel free to take breaks whenever you need – the delicious Baby Pose is forever inviting, even for the seasoned yogis. While we get it if you must step out, try to stay in the room, even if just for a break from life. In this way, fellow yogis won't be disturbed, and you can release into this mindful sanctuary and enjoy the vibes of the community.

Practicing yoga at yum is at your own risk.. Olease inform the instructor about any health issues, injuries or pregnancies to give them a chance to guide you accordingly.

be mindful

Talking in a low voice outside the studio is permitted, but please be quiet and mindful of others when entering the yoga studio. Some yummies use the time before the class to ground themselves. You’re more than welcome to give it a go yourself.

Please put your phone on silent - or even better, turn it off - and keep it away from the mat. Even phones need to “switch off” and enjoy their me-time.

While we love kids in every sense, it's important to line out that you cannot bring kids into the yoga room during class, unless clearly stated in the class or course description.

After a class, you are kindly asked to clean up after yourself. Clean your mat, roll it up and put any borrowed equipment back in its place.

food & water

Fuel your practice wisely. Avoid the extremes – whether it's a rumbling tummy or feeling weighed down – opt for smaller snacks instead of heavy meals at least 2 hours before class. Keep the hydration game strong though! Sip water in small doses to stay refreshed without feeling overly full. Feel free to bring your water bottle along, but we've got you covered with water available at the studio. After your practice, enjoy a small post-class refreshment on us. Yumasté and sip on.

purchases & payments

Memberships, clip cards and other passes give access to the studio as described under the relevant type. All purchases, except gift cards, are personal and can not be resold, shared or transferred. In case of abuse, the purchase can be canceled without refund.

You can pay via our online booking system with VISA/Dankort or by Creditcard. You cannot pay for yoga services with MobilePay or cash in the yoga studio.

You can log in and update your card information under your profile in Mindbody via our website, and you are responsible that the entered information is correct. If this is not adhered to, yum can inactivate/terminate memberships without notice.

time to yum

Now you're all set! Roll out your mat like you're unveiling a treasure map, with each pose being an adventure, and the mat a compass leading you through the yogi wilderness. Be open, have fun & enjoy your yummy practice.

If any questions, reach out at We'd love to chat with you!


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