yum community series ~ Paloma’s story

Community is quite a buzzword these days. We hear it on TV, we see it on banners, we hear about it in fancy business presentations. A whole lot talk the talk, but does not walk the talk. So what does it actually mean, community, in the era of individuality, overachieving and business-oriented mindsets?

Read along in our blog series around the topic to learn first hand about the importance of community, and how we go about developing it in the midst of a century where most of us spend more time looking into our phones, than looking into the eyes of others.

yum community
By Karolina Tworkowska

The power of community in the eyes of Paloma

Here’s a yummy story on the matter of community; one that’s about striving for inclusion, openness, hearing people’s needs and reacting to it. Meet Paloma, who came into our studio one day, wanted to meet us and get involved…

“When I first moved to Denmark I really saw such a difference in how people approach their surroundings. Volunteering, non-profit work, or getting involved in communities around a particular hobby like sports or arts were something very ingrained in the culture here, as opposed to my home country, Spain. It got me very inspired to do something with my spare time. I think it’s so refreshing to feel like you’re doing something because you just want to, and you get to meet so many interesting people” Paloma told us.

Copenhagen is a multicultural city we all get to love and call home. But moving abroad, as most expats can confirm, tends to be alienating at times. For Paloma the motivation behind the move lied in pursuing a PhD in Archeology and Ancient DNA. 

“Being a scientist isn’t the most social job in the world, it’s a lot of hours in the library, researching, being a one-man team. And then I had a baby. Of course, it’s an amazing journey but no one tells you how lonely it gets at times. It’s just you and this little human, your partner often working, other friends perhaps not having a child just yet. That’s when I felt like I needed to find some time to be around people, even if for an hour at a time.”

If you’ve been introduced to the magic of yoga, you know how impactful it can be to improving your physical, but even more importantly, mental health. Paloma has been practicing for years, hence why she thought of getting involved with a yoga studio. She tried doing that elsewhere and didn’t feel the sense of inclusion she was looking for. Then she met our beloved Yoga Manager who was all open ears to this beautiful and charismatic human being, walking in our doors. Paloma asked if there was any voluntarily work she could do, meet our team and practice yoga with us. We felt very honoured that she enjoyed our home-like, community-driven approach and were more than thrilled to have her around! 

Thank you Paloma for sharing this inspiring story with us, and make this local living room called yum, a place even yummier than it was  We see you, we appreciate your initiative and the work you do for the community; for the members of the yoga studio, guests of the cafe, teachers and staff!

If you see Paloma around, say hi to her and get to know each other!

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