5 Reasons to Take YTT (Even If You Don’t Want to Teach)

There’s good reason why so many people describe YTT as a life-changing experience. In fact, there are so many yummy reasons to take YTT that DON’T involve actually teaching yoga, that I want to dedicate this entire email to sharing them with you. Keep scrolling for more…

By John Doe

It’s Isabella here – yogi, marketing guru and one of the many yummy faces you’ve might seen around our café. Lately, I’ve been thinking… The way to discover your true potential is to continuously do what you’ve never done before.

There is one question I hear more than any other from yogis who want to go to the “next level”. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or have just dipped your toes into the practice and are eager to dive deeper, you ask yourself:

“I’m just not sure if I want to teach. Should I still take yoga teacher training?”

My answer (you guessed it) is: Yes, absolutely! While yum’s Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training will give you all of the tools you need to teach yoga if that’s your goal, it’s well-suited to ANYONE who wishes to study, practice, and experience yoga on a deeper level than is possible only by attending drop-in classes and workshops. 

Here are A Few Good Reasons to Take YTT
(Even If You DON’T Want to Teach)

1. Yoga, yoga and more yoga!

Yum’s YTT is designed around the principle that direct experience is essential to great teaching. So, yes – this means you’ll practice LOTS of yoga in our training! In addition to curriculum hours dedicated purely to moving around on the mat, practicing breathwork and meditation, you’ll get unlimited access to Yum’s full studio schedule of classes spanning hatha, vinyasa, restorative, yin, aerial, SUP and meditation for the period of your training (if you sign up now, you’ll get Insider Access to our schedule now). Yep, that’s a lot of yoga to choose from  

2. It’s like seasonal detox for body, mind & spirit (but waaay yummier). 

Let’s be real: With yum’s YTT, you commit 11 weekends to our program that you would otherwise spend going out with friends, staying in with family, sleeping in until noon, watching the telly, cleaning and other things you do on Saturdays and Sundays! Like any commitment though, signing up for our YTT requires you to step up your scheduling to make it happen. Think of yum’s YTT like a Spring detox for your body, mind AND spirit: The commitment will encourage you to prioritize healthy habits that help you get the most out of your training. For 12 weeks of YTT, you’ll clear your calendar, prioritize good sleep, and fuel your body with feel-good foods to integrate everything you’re learning, and emerge refreshed! 

Note: Plant-based & organic snacks included! Get all the tasty details about our 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training by clicking here!

3. Global community based right here in Sydhavnen.

When you sign up for yum’s YTT, you’re not just supporting a local studio: You’ll join a dynamic international community right in the heart of Sydhavnen. We are a diverse group with shared interests in personal growth, tasty food, sustainable living, and, of course, making body pretzels on the yoga mat! 

4. Foundational training & INFINITE possibilities to continue your journey with yoga 

I truly believe that there are as many ways to grow your yoga practice as there are people practicing yoga. In the Western yoga world, the 200-hour YTT is typically seen as a foundational training that initiates students to the path of yoga and opens up a world of infinite possibilities to continue learning and growing. After taking 200-hour trainings, students and friends I’ve worked with over the years have chosen to:

  •  Teach yoga in studios, gyms, and community centers
  • Teach privately
  • Pursue work-trade or fully paid travel teaching opportunities through platforms like Yoga Trade
  • Start B2B business within the lifestyle & wellness industry
  • Continue on to 300-hour YTT
  • Establish charitable foundations  
  • Pursue certification in yoga therapy, body work, or related modalities
  • Develop yoga programs within their primary workplace or school
  • Integrate yoga philosophy with their formal education to create something totally new

If you’re wondering what kinds of things you can do with your 200 hour certification, I’m more than happy to chat with you about the options. Reach out at yoga@yum.dk

5. Self-reflection and acceptance.

If this all sounds good to you, but you’re just not sure about YTT (or anything else!), my advice is to lean into that. Lean in to what you don’t know. Even considering YTT offers a valuable moment to slow down, reflect on your decisions, and accept where you are now – no matter what you choose to do next.

When I signed up for my 200 hour teaching certification way back in 2013, I was questioning just about everything in my life – from a decision I made to move thousands of miles to study at an elite university to how to engage with destructive family members battling their own demons. Looking back, I can say that the single most valuable lesson I learned during my YTT was how to be at ease in the midst of “not knowing” how everything would work out. 

If this sounds familiar, then YTT might be just the thing for you Read more about our amazing teaching team and get all of the details about our training by clicking here.

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