yum community series ~ the HumanKind mission

Anna Pawlowicz

In the vibrant heart of Sluseholmen, where laughter resonates and community spirit thrives, yum stands as a testament to diversity and open-hearted living. Rooted in the principles of diversity, openness, and sustainability, yum has become more than just a space; it’s a living room for the local community. A place where joy and important conversations intersect.

Next week, local mom and entrepreneur Anna Pawlowicz is hosting a workshop at yum that aligns seamlessly with these values. Anna is the founder of HumanKind, an organization dedicated to normalizing disability through education and awareness. In this conversation, she shares her journey, the purpose of HumanKind, and why yum was chosen as the platform for this workshop.

“We, non-disabled individuals, have a lot to learn from the disabled. I set up HumanKind to teach others what I’ve learnt myself – that we don’t need to be scared.”

Anna Pawlowicz

Normalizing Disability: A HumanKind Mission

The purpose of HumanKind is to normalize disability through education and awareness. In a world where fear often surrounds the concept of disability, HumanKind aims to bridge the gap, fostering understanding and inclusivity.

“In fact, 24% of people in the EU live with a disability, so it’s a matter of time for all of us that we will need to care for someone disabled, or need care ourselves. HumanKind helps individuals, schools and businesses get comfortable with disability and live a truly inclusive life.”

The founder’s personal journey serves as a powerful catalyst for this mission. As a mother of two boys, one of whom has a disability due to a rare genetic condition, she intimately understands the initial fear and lack of exposure to disability. Through the journey with her son, she discovered that within the disabled community lies courage, empathy, and an extraordinary sense of humanity. HumanKind was born from the realization that there is much to learn from the disabled community, and fear should be replaced with understanding.

In the workshop, happening 13th of November 18:30-20:30 at yum, Anna will facilitate a space with learning on how to talk with children about disability and inclusion. With this, we as adults can take responsibility and give children a helping hand in how to approach disability, with a vocabulary and an openness that can benefit themselves and the people they encounter. Also, as grown ups, we might acknowledge that no one ever had this kind of conversation with us. So, in favor of the children and the grown ups; this workshop is needed! Book your spot for 300,- by texting Anna at 25246874.

Support in the Local Community

Why did this passionate advocate for inclusivity approach yum for the workshop? The answer lies in the essence of yum itself. Having lived in Sluseholmen for nearly five years, the founder and her family see yum not just as a café and yoga studio, but as a hub for the local community. yum embodies open arms – the perfect setting to initiate essential conversations.

The decision to host the HumanKind workshop at yum is a testament to the commitment to being more than just a business. Here, we’re aiming at creating a space where diverse voices are welcomed, and important subjects are explored. In the intersection of yum’s core values and HumanKind’s mission, a beautiful synergy emerges – one that showcases the power of community, the strength in diversity, and the magic that happens when people meet. This workshop is not just an event; it’s a step towards a more inclusive, understanding, and compassionate community, where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Join the Workshop!
The workshop takes place at yum, Alliancevej 22, 2450 Copenhagen SV, 13th of November 2023 18:30-20:30. You can book your spot by texting Anna at 25246874. You can also read about Humankind here or follow Anna on Instagram.


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