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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200H) – Summer ’24

26.995 kr.
Several payment options available. See FAQ

Join us in Copenhagen for an intensive six-week Summer training, with yum’s Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa Yoga Training (200H)! Consider it your opportunity to enjoy a CPH staycation, while taking the next step in your growth journey. The training will be held in a beautiful mix of weekdays and weekends, and we will take some of the training outside, combine them with dips in the water and colorful, tropical drinks! Cheers to this; a wise life-move to make the practice, philosophy and lifestyle effectively embedded in your life – privately and professionally.

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Embrace the radiant season with yum’s Summer Intensive 200H YTT! A new and unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a condensed yet comprehensive yoga teacher training experience. Picture yourself practicing yoga under the summer sun, meditating by the glittering waters and have the CPH vacation vibes enhancing your journey. Adding some dips in the ocean, harbour safaris on the SUP boards and colorful foods and drinks – you’ll be in for a treat!

With the Summer Intensive 200H YTT you’ll delve deep into the heart and soul of yoga, connecting ancient wisdom to the demands of modern life. You’ll go back to business, after the Summer Intensive, as a new and transformed version of yourself. For the gain of yourself, people around you, your career – life, to be honest. As a certified Registered Yoga School (RYS®200) by Yoga Alliance, the training is an accredited and globally recognized certification, opening doors for you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) upon completion.

A dynamic quartet forms the core of our teacher team, crafting a yoga teacher training like no other. Lead Trainer Kostis Argouslidis, armed with over 4000 hours of teaching in his backpack, refines your teaching methodology and practice. Marianne Agerskov, a Ph.d. Medical Doctor bridges anatomical and bio-mechanic knowledge with yoga’s essence. Agni Deep Rijal, rooted in philosophy, brings mindfulness from East to West. Lastly, Max Novelli, software engineer by day and movement nerd by night, always brings loads of creativity, fun and movement. Together, as yogis and professionals, they shape your journey into a skilled, confident, and holistic yoga teacher.

Our comprehensive Vinyasa YTT 200H manual makes the perfect summer read! Exclusively designed to immerse you in the qualitative depths of yogic practice, philosophy, and teaching methodology, you’ll be able to go deep while soaking the sun. The training was developed from a shared mission to make a high-quality training and making sure that new yoga professionals are equipped with everything they need to share yoga in a safe and fulfilling manner.

The yum Vinyasa 200H YTT isn’t just a training; it’s your ticket to transforming into an authentic, skilled yoga guide.

Are you game for this soul-stirring adventure? Your sunny yoga mat is waiting, and so are we!

Course facts

  • Period: July - August, 2024 See FAQ for timetable
  • Price: 26.995 kr.
  • Max students: 15
  • Language: English
  • Teacher(s): Kostis ArgouslidisMarianne AgerskovAgni Deep RijalMassimiliano (Max) Novelli

How to become a yoga teacher?

  • Sign up for the training

  • Get your certification

  • Start teaching classes

What you get

Professional training

Qualitative and authentic yogic training to support you in becoming the yummy yogi of your dreams, privately as well as professionally

Yoga training manuel

An exclusive yum Vinyasa YTT 200H manual

Training certificate

An official and Yoga Alliance approved yum Vinyasa YTT 200H certificate, once you’ve completed the certification. It’s an accredited and internationally recognised certification that further gives you the opportunity to apply to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) after the training with Yoga Alliance.

Health benefits

Added health benefits! Spending time by the water, being part of a community and a circle of likeminded people. Plus, you’ll be strengthening your brain and body while doing a whole lot of yoga

Ultimate reading list

The ultimate reading list! The teachers have gathered their favorite theory to help you educate further

Extra perks

Unlimited yoga classes

Unlimited access to yum’s classes (workshops & courses not included) for the period of the course

20% café discount

A soon-to-be-teacher discount for the café (20%) during the training

'Insiders' membership

An ‘Insider’s Membership’ at 299/month leading up to the training, giving unlimited access to the yoga schedule

yum yogalumni membership

After the training, we want to support you as the alumni you are, and you will be granted a special membership pricing: Unlimited yoga for 349/month!

Opportunity to teach

You will be provided the chance to teach actual classes at just after your certification. These classes are called 'freshman classes' and are considered free community classes

Talk to us about becoming a teacher

Leave your email or phone number and we will be in touch to answer all your questions

Teacher team


Kostis Argouslidis

Kostis, Lead Trainer of yum’s  200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings, and certified yoga instructor with over 4000+ teaching hours, embodies the mantra: ‘Keep peace in your mind, strength in your body, and love in your heart. Not only is he an experienced Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Hot yoga teacher, but he also holds expertise in nursing, Functional Range Conditioning, Calisthenics, and Gymnastics. When not teaching, he works at the United Nations offices in Copenhagen.

His approach to teaching is accessible to all levels of yoga experience. He is committed to improving students’ practice and quality of life through mindfulness and meditation techniques. He is skilled in the art of teaching and he has a both direct, funny and warm approach to leading the yoga classes. With him as your teacher you will be on the right path to embody yoga fully and possess the necessary skills and confidence needed on the mat.

As the Lead Trainer for yum’s 200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, he’s not only dedicated to enhancing general yogic practice, but also to bring in new, competent teachers to the international yoga community.

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Marianne Agerskov

Marianne is a Ph.D Medical Doctor, mother of two, an avid yoga practitioner and an educated Yoga Alliance (RYT200 hours) certified yoga teacher. She is sparkling quality when it comes to how the body connects to the practice, and on top, she’s a strong woman and communicator. All of our yummies love her, and we can understand why!

I teach with focus on translation between my theoretical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, psychology and movement science and the physical asana practice. I’m always inspired by research and traditional yoga practices conjointly, aiming to help students intentionally translate their yoga practice from the mat to their everyday lives, potentially improving quality of life. My classes are playful and dynamic, yet always with the intension that every student leaves the class feeling a little more balanced and at ease than when they came.

Yoga should be for everyone no matter the level or their intension with the practice! Regardless if you are new to yoga or already an experienced yogi, my greatest task is to create a safe and compassionate space for every student to evolve from exactly where it is needed

Marianne is also the main teacher on our yoga Teacher Trainings for all-things-body, and the primary author of our 155-pages 200H Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training manual.

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Agni Deep Rijal

Agni, originally from Nepal, teaches authentic yoga with a holistic approach. He is a warm and compassionate being, living from a yogic base consisting of a great deal of clarity, humor and passion. He provides a beautiful platform for you to synchronize and centre with whatever exists at the present moment in your life.

No matter if you are a spiritual pro or a complete beginner to the world yoga; Agni is your perfect, authentic guide. His teaching style is the real deal. All his classes are infused with wisdom that will help you jump on a comprehensive journey into the self. His peripheral look is very simple but holds a versatile knowledge on every dimension to yoga. Much more can be said about him, but to make it short: He is just amazing, Agni, and you need to experience him.

Always remember to meet fellow human beings with an open heart and look for the treasures in you differences. In the end, yoga is about union, and this is what we are aiming to create at yum.

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Massimiliano (Max) Novelli

Massimiliano, or Max as he likes to be called, is Italian but discovered his love for yoga upon moving to Pittsburgh, USA, in 2001. After years of mountain biking, he found yoga to be the perfect relief for his strained knees.

With heaps of experience behind him, both as a student and a teacher, we’re excited to have him on board and help you discover new things about yoga! Max loves exploring and overcoming challenges – so if you’ve had some exciting yoga goals in mind, he is definitely the one to help you achieve them. Expect movement, holds and deep breathing.

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