Sidsel Skaastrup Christiansson

Sidsel is one of yum’s primary meditation teachers. Deeply rooted in consciousness and awareness, she curates a loving, inclusive, and above all, safe space for inner contemplation. Her classes are the perfect place to make a heartfelt welcome to your true and divine nature.

I have a deep understanding of meditation, and it has taught me everything I needed to liberate myself and live a free and authentic life filled with inner peace, vitality, and joy. I can’t wait for anyone to indulge in this inner journey, opening up horizons and life’s possibilities. I have a keen awareness of what stirs within people. By nature, I am loving and light-hearted, recognizing people’s qualities and abilities, guiding them to unfold. Through meditation, you will indeed have the opportunity to get to know yourself and unfold as a human being. Through the meditative practice, we gently navigate into our inherent peace. You will discover how effortlessly it can be to connect with your inner divine nature.

Sidsel‘s interests are not separate from her professional life as a meditation teacher, independent body therapist (she even teaches body therapy in an educational program for body therapists in Copenhagen, so get ready for a treat!) and healer. Her passion for people, their complexity, and development is what she lives to support. And explore. So when Sidsel is not with clients or teaching, she is on a perpetual journey of wonder and exploration of human nature and its role in life. Sidsel takes particular joy in expressing the inner currents from the soul through spoken language, written language, and the body’s free expression through intuitive dance and movement.

If you are curious to start a steady and deeply loving practice, Sidsel’s classes are the perfect place to start! Start with her introductory class and move on to a steady weekly practice. It’ll work wonders on a soul level! With dedication towards meditation with Sidsel, you will gain a lifelong companion; yourself.  You will learn to recognize the aspects of the ego that hinder you from living from the soul. In other words, through Sidsel‘s guided meditations, gentle support, and deep insights into human nature, you will experience that it is possible to live a life with purpose, love, and gratitude.

Country of origin: Denmark
Further interests: Human nature, communication, dance & movement
Other things she masters like a pro: Body Therapy and healing

continued education

Sidsel is yummy in her very essence, and on top, she decided to sprinkle life with these truly yum qualifications:


Happy meditation teacher

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