Preggos’ Fridays Yoga Course May ‘24

Five tailored lessons
1.199 kr.
Plus unlimited access to all regular classes and 10% in the café

Pregnant bodies should not be overworked. Therefore, we’re introducing a nice transfer from work-week to week-end with this Preggos’ Fridays Yoga Course including five exclusive yoga classes, Fridays from 15:00-16:15, uniquely tailored to the body and mind of life-making temples! Participation includes unlimited access to all of yum’s regular yoga classes throughout the period of the course too plus 10% on food/drinks in the café for you to get the full experience!*

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The aim of yum’s Preggo Yoga course is to support a healthy pregnancy and provide you with tools that you can use both while and after being pregnant. Research suggests that movement during pregnancy promotes an overall “better” pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery, while increasing your overall wellbeing and body awareness during this important time in your life. So, let’s get that yummy belly of yours movin’!

Our Preggo Friday’s yoga course is designed to connect you to your inner and outer strength, to your baby, and to a community of mothers. Together we will soften into this major life transition with openness and kindness, relieve pregnancy ailments, and prepare for birth and beyond. With embodied evidence-based learning, functional movement, breathwork, and space holding, you will leave feeling nourished, empowered, and centered for the journey ahead.

No matter how early or far along you are in your pregnancy, as long as your body craves care and movement, this course is for you. We want you to turn inwards and act in accordance with what your body needs when you turn up on the mat. Make the course work for you, rather than trying to work for it: if some days you don’t feel up for it, that’s okay, you can join the class and lie down the entire class, with your eyes closed, and take in the experience and knowledge in. You do what feels right for you and the baby inside!

You can treat this course as light birth preparation through working on mental focus, body relaxation and breathing exercises.

Course facts

  • Period: Fridays, May 24 - June 21 See FAQ for timetable
  • Price: 1.199 kr.
  • Max students: 15 spots
  • Language: English
  • Teacher(s): Lauriane Camus

What you get

Unlimited classes

Gives you unlimited access to all of yum's regular classes during the course

Café discount

Plus 10% on food & drinks in the café



Lauriane Camus

Lauriane is our prenatal and postnatal teacher. She has more than a decade of experience teaching public classes, private sessions, birth preparation workshops, and co-leading Natal Yoga Teacher Trainings. She certified experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), prenatal yoga teacher (RPYT), Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and Rebozo.

She has been geeking out for years on all things related to female reproductive health, pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum, and crafts her classes in a safe, meaningful, and inclusive way.

Lauriane is a mother of 3 beautiful children and her own journey through her pregnancies, births, and motherhood has led and inspired her to become a space holder, guide, and educator for pregnant and new mothers.

She started her own yoga practice in her early twenties and had been a dedicated practitioner since. For her, the main benefits of yoga arethe connection to the present moment and the grounding, balancing, and regulating effects of the practice. This is what she tries to transmit during her classes, placing a lot of emphasis on linking movement and breath, noticing and exploring subtle and bigger sensations, and cultivating self-awareness and openness.

In both prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, Lauriane focuses on linking breath and movement, trusting and following your intuition and body’s wisdom, building resilience as a preparation for birth and motherhood, and soothing the nervous system with up-and down-regulation. She wants her pregnant and postpartum students to feel held, nourished, grounded, empowered, relaxed, loved and welcomed.

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