Nurture the nurturer

Mommy & Baby Yoga Course April ‘24

Five tailored lessons
1.199 kr.
Plus unlimited access to all regular classes and 10% in the café

‘Nurture the nurturer’ – this course is for YOU. The course includes five exclusive Mommy/Baby yoga classes and gives access to all of yum’s regular classes during the course. For you to get the full experience, we’ve added an additional 10% on food/drinks in the café. Read more about the course and what to expect below!

Read more about the course

yum’s yummy Mommy & Baby Yoga Course will support and guide you through the ebbs and flows of the first few months of your postpartum.

Find a safe space and warm community, where you can connect to your body and breath, build back your strength and stamina, rehabilitate your pelvic floor and core, release your shoulders and neck, relax, and bond with your baby and other mamas! Postnatal yoga is for all the yummy mommies and their babies that feel ready to start moving their body postpartum.

These are the main focus areas:

  • Empowerment and Agency: When our body feels fragile and tired, it’s natural to lose connection to our own power and begin to doubt yourself. Yoga helps to reawaken this sense of empowerment. Remember mama, you are the best thing for your baby, and no one knows your baby better than you!
  • Intuition: As a new mother you will be faced with decisions and polarizing opinions and data. Through breath work and presence with our body, we learn to tune into our own intuition and navigate challenging decisions with ease, confidence, and compassion.
  • Inclusivity: We all heal at different rates, we all mother in different ways. At yum we offer a non-judgemental space to come as you are and move in whatever way feels good and safe for you.
  • Transformation: Motherhood will present challenge after challenge, presenting an incredible opportunity to step into our full potential by being the observer and showing up with intention and compassion. This course gives you space to witness and accept to the changes within you, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Nurturing and nourishment: As a new mom, we give so much of our energy to care for others. This class is all about filling your cup, either by challenging yourself with some movement and breath, or taking rest in a Restorative pose. It is about listening to your body and emotions, and honoring your needs. In this class, we create a space where you feel held and loved. You deserve it!
  • Community: Being a new mum can sometimes feel lonely and it is healing and soothing to talk and connect to our peers, as it encourages our nervous system to regulate. The community part of this yoga course is key, and we will start the course with a sharing circle to encourage bonding. We love it when our yummy mommies and babies are hanging out together after class.
  • Your baby: When the babies allow it, this course infuses baby massage, baby acupressure, baby stretches, and songs to give you tools to bring home and nurture that growing connection between you and baby. Baby giggles are medicine and we will have plenty of opportunities to laugh and connect!

Course facts

  • Period: April 19 - May 17 See FAQ for timetable
  • Price: 1.199 kr.
  • Max students: 12 spots
  • Language: English
  • Teacher(s): Lauriane Camus

What you get

Strengthening and stretching poses

a focus on the pelvic floor and core rehabilitation, and an ample amount of time will be spent on opening the chest, releasing tensions in the shoulder/neck area, and having a painless posture.

A space for you

You make it your own experience. There’s room for all kinds of babies, feelings and bodies

The use of yogic tools

You will be guided through some exercises that are safe for your postpartum body, to rebuild strength in your body, tone your pelvic floor and heal diastasis recti.


You will feel strong and empowered to carry your baby - physically and mentally


It is also a space to relax and restore your body to compensate for sleep deprivation.

Network and support

Connect with other moms and babies here, and share your thoughts and experiences in a safe space.

Extra perks

Unlimited classes

Gives you unlimited access to all of yum's regular classes during the course

10% café discount

Plus 10% on food & drinks in the café



Lauriane Camus

Lauriane is our prenatal and postnatal teacher. She has more than a decade of experience teaching public classes, private sessions, birth preparation workshops, and co-leading Natal Yoga Teacher Trainings. She certified experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), prenatal yoga teacher (RPYT), Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and Rebozo.

She has been geeking out for years on all things related to female reproductive health, pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum, and crafts her classes in a safe, meaningful, and inclusive way.

Lauriane is a mother of 3 beautiful children and her own journey through her pregnancies, births, and motherhood has led and inspired her to become a space holder, guide, and educator for pregnant and new mothers.

She started her own yoga practice in her early twenties and had been a dedicated practitioner since. For her, the main benefits of yoga arethe connection to the present moment and the grounding, balancing, and regulating effects of the practice. This is what she tries to transmit during her classes, placing a lot of emphasis on linking movement and breath, noticing and exploring subtle and bigger sensations, and cultivating self-awareness and openness.

In both prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, Lauriane focuses on linking breath and movement, trusting and following your intuition and body’s wisdom, building resilience as a preparation for birth and motherhood, and soothing the nervous system with up-and down-regulation. She wants her pregnant and postpartum students to feel held, nourished, grounded, empowered, relaxed, loved and welcomed.

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